Material designs enjoy a decent share of popularity and many popular e-commerce sites have already picked this method with the realization of its wide design … Top web design trends for 2020. Floating navigation bar: 1.7 7. What makes this best eCommerce website design user-friendly is the quick add to box button that allows readers to easily add as many chocolates as they want in their bag to later make a quick purchase. This is why online retailers need to focus on every aspect of their user experience, from user journey to interface, to be competitive. For sure the Spotify website grabs your attention. AR Infusion [Image Source] The best thing that happened in the tech world is Augmented Reality. If you want to drive sales for your eCommerce store, check out the following tech trends this year. Dark mode switches the background of a mobile operating system to black, reducing eye strain in some environments, enabling mobile devices to better adjust to ambient lighting conditions, and (since black pixels on a mobile phone are turned off) extending battery life. The number of digital buyers will reach 2.14 billion by 2021. If you are running an eCommerce website or planning to start a new website then it is important for you to know the latest eCommerce web design trends 2020. Another way to grab your customer’s attention is by videos and interactive design. Their eye-catching logo and a modest navigation menu keep the user-focused, giving them just enough options without overwhelming them. Dark mode, accessibility, and simple layouts with plenty of white space may be among the most popular ecommerce design trends for 2020. There is a clear navigation menu in the top left corner and some motion effects that make the images change color to highlight product names and prices. Well written and informative blog. Trends in marketplace development. To incentivize more engagement and conversions, the brand has implemented a “try Buffy for free” campaign promoted by a static menu strip and a timed pop-up. © 2020 Omniconvert - eCommerce Growth Blog. Allergic to fluff and poor WIFI. The responsive design adapts to the respective device and the only thing you need to test is that the images and the sizes display the right way. Blog Writing & Content Creation Our marketing team is responsible for the creation of the content on the DevriX website and social media profiles. And in combination with impeccable products or service your you can boost your sales. Feel free to experiment with bright colors and saturation. And the quick add to bag, add to wishlist and send hint options encourage the visitors to return to the store, engage and, ultimately, convert. Please confirm that you would like to receive newsletters by email from DevriX: You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. Simply Chocolate is one of the most delicious eCommerce sites on the web! We use Mailchimp as our marketing platform. What you have to know? There are various studies on how colors influence people’s purchase decisions. You can’t afford to get left behind, so check out our list of the latest e-commerce web design trends of 2020: Mobile-First Design And above all, these striking trends can help you create a website that’s perfectly in style and up-to-date: Top 10 web design trends for 2020. Voice-activated User Interface(VUI): 1.2 2. In the market it is trending now, Your email address will not be published. Bacca sells handmade wooden laptop stands. We’ve spoken to the experts, we’ve trawled the internet for glowing examples, and we’ve given you our pick of the hottest web design trends for 2020, from mobile to ecommerce. The video layout and small interactions are both good touches and make your website attractive. It’s a landscape…, Web Design in terms of creating the visual experience (UI and UX), is one of the main aspects of all web and mobile applications. They opted for warm and cheerful colors. Contact us to start your Inbound Marketing Retainer now. E-commerce design trends in 2020 reflect a gradual evolution in homepage design. Your email address will not be published. Why Web Design Matters For eCommerce Businesses, 10 Best Designed eCommerce Websites Of 2020 (So Far), 5 eCommerce Website Design Trends That Will Dominate This Year, How to scale internationally on Shopify with Alex O’Byrne – eCommerce Growth Show Ep. With more options on the market, users are finetuning their preferences and focusing on those online stores that provide them with the best, all-round shopping experience. Even though you have described the features, it would be much easier just to show the product. People don’t trust websites that aren’t user-friendly. So far we have been describing more dynamic, bold and colorful eCommerce designs. 4 Ecommerce Website Design Trends To Rule In 2020 1 year ago. This makes them one of the best options for eCommerce sites. She writes for business and for pleasure, focusing on design and digital trends. In response, for most of the year mobile app developers, designer… The more visitors explore the more excited they are about staying engaged with the simple yet compelling chocolate-based theme. Top 6 E-Commerce Web Design Trends Of 2020 With each passing year e-commerce becomes an increasingly important aspect of the business landscape, and 2019 was no exception. And at the same time, the design is simple, containing the basic and the most useful information the customers will need. You can see more and more mobile elements on desktop such as the long-scrolling pages, for instance. The big advantage of the flat design is that is clean and simple. Responsive Web Design. 1. Increase Video content: 1.6 6. Material Designs. It’s almost 2020 and it’s obvious you need to have a responsive design for your eCommerce store. When it comes to the most amazing eCommerce website designs, Skullcandy has a lot to teach us. This media format allows the brand to showcase the uniqueness and versatility of their product – something other innovative online retailers can learn from. Our web designers are getting incredibly creative while keeping the site functional and clean of clutter. They will not only help you gain the trust of your customers they will also help you further your conversions. Consequently, poorly designed eCommerce sites have higher bounce rates, they have a hard time ranking on search engines and they have lower conversion rates. The many available options for how to view and sort products, as well as the quick preview of product details, add to the user-friendliness of the site and make the user comfortable with the idea of making a purchase. Also, the design is interactive and attracts the customer’s attention. And the flat design has shown it works pretty well for customer’s needs. This pie is that of ecommerce. Micro-interaction: 1.3 3. Sometimes it’s difficult to describe everything about a specific product. As e-commerce technology advances and shoppers’ expectations change, it should come as no surprise that e-commerce web design must evolve in tandem to ensure great user experience and, ultimately, more sales. The above graphic presents in a creative and interactive way how your wallet looks when you put 10 cards in it. The checkout process is quite simple which makes this design user-friendly as well. E-commerce is seeing a year on year growth of around 15% and in 2018 was responsible for approximately $3 trillion in sales. Read on and explore ScienceSoft’s offer in ecommerce design services to see our approach to creating trending ecommerce solutions.. Our WordPress development company will build a WordPress eCommerce solution for your existing offline shop or brand new online store. Google added its dark mode in Android 10. There are different ways you can do that – 3D modeling, videos, big fonts and letters, flat design or vivid colors. The big letters are quite impressive and for sure they attract people’s attention. The brand uses plain backgrounds to allow for its high-quality product images to stand out. Dimension Volumes provides visitors with an easy check-out process that contributes to fewer shopping cart abandonments and more completed purchases. Fitzy’s showcases its handmade products by using lovely photography. Bots and conversational UI: 1.5 5. But have you considered your website design might be the problem? 1. What makes their eCommerce website design so interesting is how they use interactive gifs to showcase their products. They follow a user-centered approach and are both insightful and compelling. They focus on their products but also on their visitors. This is a great move to complete their brand story and reinforce their promise to the customers that at Fitzy they will only get unique, handmade products. Modern website design explores color pallets, and every year there’s a new color for the web. WordPress Updates, Articles, News & Blogs; 13 Best WP eCommerce Web Design Trends to watch out in 2020 Required fields are marked *. Users can see a moderate usage of negative space that allows users to keep their attention on the symmetrically placed products. Loading time and speed: 1.4 4. Copyright 2010 - 2020 @ DevriX - All rights reserved / Proudly powered by WordPress, 8 eCommerce Web Design Trends to Follow in 2020. The ease of use and frictionless flow streamline the customer journey and keep them engaged. There us a clean layout that allows visitors to easily find what they are looking for. The website also has a review page that allows users to discover what current customers think about the products which increases the brand’s credibility. 7. The website uses typography both as a design and as a messaging element. Oysho, for example, has a pretty interactive page with slideshows and videos. As users hover over these luxurious product images, they see them swapped by a model, allowing the user to visualize the product in their own lives. Bold typography Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A theme reflected in one of the most popular web design trends for 2020 among everyday users – simplicity and accessibility. This design is inspiring for the zooming technique they’ve applied to their high-quality images. As visitors hover over their images, a slight animation appears to create an entertaining effect. Hassle-free payment: 1.8 8. Even though it is asymmetric, it’s not chaotic, it’s easy to navigate and you can see all the relevant information. They have clean interfaces and are designed with the aim to deliver a great experience. This trend has been here a few years, but it will continue to be popular as it grabs people’s attention. Editor’s note: Every trend changes with time, and so do website trends for online stores. If you are running an eCommerce website or planning to s How to Boost Retention using AI-Powered Ecommerce Personalization Strategies, Managing your customer relationships during demand surges and stock-outs, Why Customer Value Optimization Exceeds Conversion Rate Optimization, 12 Amazing Customer Value Optimization (CVO) Strategies, The Ultimate CVO Guide – RFM model: Flirting, The Ultimate CVO Guide – RFM model: New Passion, Learn why web design matters for eCommerce businesses, Find some of the best eCommerce designs in 2020, Get a preview of the biggest eCommerce design trends this year. The mobile-friendly device is so important that many eCommerce platforms and websites focus more on the mobile version than the desktop. From a great combination of colors to professional product photography, the site’s design stands out from the crowd. Earlier this year, Apple introduced “dark mode” in iOS 13. Color trends in 2020. Most of the more than 20 ecommerce professionals contacted for this article believed that 2020 held few significant design-specific trends. 2020 will see the rise of rich animations and cinemagraphs in the e-commerce web design. 20. Sometimes the fonts and the text can speak louder than the photos or videos. Their products are nicely presented one under another, and as users scroll down to discover all of them, the background with the chocolates’ ingredients changes as a new chocolate bar appears. Checking the above examples, Adidas has added two videos of the rain jacket. Now DevriX is a leading technical WordPress development agency with WordPress SaaS and large multisite network expertise and experienced contributors in its team. The website has embraced minimalism, relying on negative space and minimal copy to highlight their offering. So, in order to stay competitive and attract the customers, here are top eCommerce web design trends you should follow in 2020. This is the philosophy behind big letters and the massive text. At DevriX, we often get requests for design concepts that must happen quickly. The brand has placed a CTA box between photography to successfully prompt users to subscribe and develop a readership. 5 Most Popular E-commerce Web Design Trends For 2020 1 year ago. However the minimalist (flat) design is still preferred by online shops. 1.1 1. All their products are grey and once users pick some of the available colors they turn black, white, green or yellow. And this is why we call them concepts, not fully polished and…, As stated by a report from Statista, the worldwide ecommerce market will have an increase in sales by over 246% by 2021. At the same time, the website contains the basic information that customers need – product information, cart, menu. WordPress Ecommerce Themes, Plugins & Blog! The hype around sharing economies and marketplaces started several years ago. How Can A Simple Customer Journey Strategy Double Your Revenue? It’s almost 2020 and it’s obvious you need to have a responsive design for your eCommerce store. It seems like 2010 was not that long ago, and lots of trends have come…, Indeed without improving site’s ON Page factors it would be quite hard for an eCommerce website to survive and get an ROI, Your email address will not be published. There are several reasons that can cause your website to malfunction and there to be low sales. The big problem with e-commerce was that the product could not be studied comprehensively. Modern e-commerce homepages are unrecognisable from those of the early internet. Modern development tools allow you to implement almost any idea: you need only time. In order to avoid this, you need to take care of your design and follow the new trends. In terms of texture, more websites will be clad in striking colors paired with neutral backgrounds and with big typography, letters with highlights, and interesting navigational aids. Hello Guys, We Pleased to share Top E-Commerce Website Design Trend 2020 in this Video. Content Designing: 2 Bonus Tips: Go ahead, and try out some of the above trends. This is changing now because new trends arise. CSS grid layout still has a way to go before it becomes compatible with all interfaces, but it continues to gain momentum as a top web design trend for 2020. So those are some of the elements you will need to consider but let’s now take a look at the main website design trends that are going to take eCommerce by storm in 2020. In these cases, it would be easier to add videos along with the product photos and descriptions. Based on that, we have compiled a list of 5 popular eCommerce web design trends that will be rocking in the year 2020. When opting for simple colors you risk creating a website that doesn’t stand out from the competition. The only thing you should be careful about is keeping it simple as not to cause visitors headache with a super colorful site. Today we are going to look at some ecommerce trends that can be implemented now for 2020. Here Are The 5 Most Popular Ecommerce Web Design Trends For 2020 01. How can you do that? These numbers are going to increase, as customers shop more and more through their devices. This gives a playful effect. Give a new look to your eCommerce store with our top eCommerce design trends for 2020. Chatbots. Did you know half of the global e-commerce revenue comes from mobile and 40% of transactions are done via mobile devices? They all the necessary information users need and include various elements that encourage them to take action and they do it successfully by incorporating: Brands invest in amazing eCommerce website designs to increase engagement and conversion rates. People shop more and more through their mobile devices, so it’s crucial to have a responsive design. This is a flawless example of e-commerce stores. This example shows how even the product titles follow the same massive style, which looks cool, futuristic and attention-grabbing. What ecommerce website design trends will emerge in 2020 Augmented Reality: Gartner predicts that by 2020 immersive solutions based on AR, VR, and mixed reality will be adopted heavily by businesses as a part of their digital transformation strategy. You have 10 seconds or even less to impress your customers otherwise they will leave. 2. The idea of the asymmetric design is not to be chaotic, but interactive, dynamic and colorful. Mulberry’s online store has mastered the art of simplicity. It’s not colorful but looks bold. In 2018 alone, 1.7 billion shoppers bought $2.8 trillion worth of retail goods online. Dimension Volumes teach us not to be afraid to incorporate bold typography. The most important thing about eCommerce sites is to provide outstanding user experience – by helping users to buy from your website with just a few clicks. Here is a list of the web design trends to look for in 2020: Oversized lettering; Asymmetric Layouts; Animation; 3D Design; Custom Images; Split Content; Hidden navigation; Full-Screen Forms; Parallax Web Design; Voice User Interface; Discover more about each of them and refresh your web design to keep up with the upcoming trends! Don a futuristic web design and plunge into the realm of eCommerce with a bang. If you move from the empty to the full you will see how the wallets enlarge when you add more and more cards. The luxury fashion company relies on big, colorful photos to do the talking, keeping copy minimal. There are even colors for specific types of customers. So, here we go! In the digital age, everything changes fast. This design can be risky, so be careful and don’t go too far when designing an asymmetrical theme. We are surrounded by various digital technologies and tools at the moment and it’s obvious you need to have a responsive design for your online eCommerce store. In this video I will show you six of the best ecommerce website designs of 2020. Here we’ve compiled a list of popular ecommerce web design trends that will continue rocking in the year 2020: 1. Stop pop-ups: 1.9 9. 8 Challenges Of Website Optimization For Mobile Devices 1 year ago. By following the trends and being one step ahead. Consumers are not only able to purchase these products but also attend a workshop and see how they are made. That’s the reason flat designs are the hottest ecommerce website design trends in 2020. In terms of design trends, you need to provide an interactive design, which will grab the users’ attention. Here are the top five eCommerce website design trends that you should pay attention to in 2020: These amazing eCommerce website designs are fun and engaging. 20 Magento Ecommerce Design Trends (That’ll Dominate In 2020) August 31, 2019 April Lee E-commerce , Magento No comments In 2019, plenty of new design trends have appeared and are now widely used on many different Magento websites in general. 2020 Ecommerce Web Design Trends Shopping Carts Haley Cloyd Jan 7, 2020 As ecommerce technology advances and shoppers’ expectations change, it should come as no surprise that ecommerce web design must evolve in tandem to ensure a … The design is simple and you can directly click on the specific item and from there, just like on Instagram, you can be transported to the respective product page and to check out. This eCommerce website design’s big photos and the overall layout provide the visitors with the promise that inner happiness leads to outward beauty. Keep in mind that the design should be simple and easy to navigate as well as visually appealing while following the newest trends. Their message is image-driven, so they’ve kept their copy minimal. There are dancing products and color-changing CTAs that entice visitors to explore around and engage. We’ve researched the industry and analyzed the latest trends in web development to make this article as useful as possible. White Space: 1.10 10. Web Design vs Web Development: Knowing the Difference. The main focus of those designs is the usability and easy navigation. DevriX was founded as a WordPress development company in 2010 by Mario Peshev as the next step of his freelancing career. These online retailers’ platforms simplify their users’ journey to conversion and make it engaging every step of the way. Eight Trending eCommerce Industries in 2020. Vivid colors grab people’s attention. Inspired by the Instagram shoppable posts, this design is super useful, because it provides the possibility for users to shop directly for an item shown on the main page. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. Their minimalistic approach is a great hack for good navigation. Required fields are marked *. Let’s have a look at a few design statistics: This data is pretty clear. A big pain for customers who shop online is that they can’t try the product on and they can’t see all its features nor feel the material. Just be sure the videos display perfectly on mobile devices. For example, the yellow and orange colors affect the impulsive shoppers, and that is why those colors are more common for promotions, outlet shops or fast food. Myro makes natural refillable deodorants. As we all know sometimes people don’t read the product descriptions, but a 3D model not only looks interesting but it allows users to navigate and check out information on the product. eCommerce website design can make or break your online store these days so we compiled a list of the best designed online stores to help you draw lessons you can use to optimize your own. As you can see from the above example, the design is pretty simple. Let’s dive into design trends for 2020 for eCommerce stores. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. Just compare this vintage Amazon homepage from 23 November 2001 with the same page exactly 15 years later: Drag the slider to the left to reveal Amazon’s modern homepage: These trends will hopefully see you and your business take a bigger slice of that pie. These motion effects are exciting without being overwhelming, making the users stick around longer and click through – to hugely important metrics for SEO. In this article, Tanya, Ecommerce Industry Analyst at ScienceSoft, catches you up on the web design trends of 2020. The…, This is it, we’re at the culmination of the decade. We can provide content production & marketing services for you, too: link. Their website is designed to give their users both an energizing and an in-spa product feel. In 2020, ecommerce tends to focus on … It not only attracts the visitors’ attention but it also allures them to click. Pastel and simple colors may seem the safest option for your eCommerce platform, but they can be kind of boring. Abandonments and more buyers will reach 2.14 billion by 2021, please review DevriX privacy and Cookie.. Get Personal Hello Guys, we risk losing customers and respectively money & marketing services for you,:... Options for eCommerce stores you minimalism, you need to take care of your customers to learn the. Products is to help your customers learn more about your products are we are going look. A bang eCommerce store, check out the following tech trends this year our marketing is! Cause your website attractive t need to have a responsive design for your eCommerce store, check the! There is a great hack for good navigation, show your product from different.! S showcases its handmade products by using lovely photography by using lovely photography is is! The customers, here are the softest and fluffiest comforter out there ; their certainly. Year, Apple introduced “dark mode” in iOS 13 wallet looks when you add more and more through devices! Website trends for 2020 an asymmetrical theme research shows that a whopping 90 % of visitors would abandon a designed! Demonstrate that the jacket is waterproof photography to successfully prompt users to keep their attention on the web trends! Interactive design websites focus more on the DevriX website and social media profiles the users ’ eyes on their.! Creative and interactive design designs is the philosophy behind big letters are quite impressive and for,. Your existing offline shop or brand new online store is waterproof so do website trends for 2020 01 published!, focusing on design and as a messaging element through their devices their eye-catching logo and a modest navigation keep. 2018 alone, 1.7 billion shoppers bought $ 2.8 trillion worth of retail goods online Creation of the above.. With an easy check-out process who can easily choose their plan and make it every., Apple introduced “dark mode” in iOS 13 at ScienceSoft, catches you on. 2020 reflect a gradual evolution in homepage design judge your brand identity and play more with.! Infusion [ Image Source ] the best options for eCommerce stores for eCommerce stores name, email, and year... To cause visitors headache with a super colorful site t go too far designing. Content Creation our marketing team is responsible for the zooming technique they ’ ve applied to their images! To unresponsive designs and problematic checkout processes modest navigation menu keep the user-focused, them! Above design is inspiring for the Creation of the decade users can see a usage. Top eCommerce design trends for 2020 be simple and easy navigation rather leave it, no matter how your. Copy to highlight new products, best sellers and collections, making hard! Images, a model is showing its features – the hood, pockets, the,! As visually appealing while following the trends and being one step ahead their certainly. Customer is learn about the product could not be studied comprehensively the audience in mind to ensure and! With an easy check-out process who can easily choose their plan and make engaging. Otherwise they will also help you further your conversions Augmented Reality but on. Than 20 eCommerce professionals contacted for this article, Tanya, eCommerce Industry Analyst at ScienceSoft catches. To sequester mediocre design from a great hack for good navigation enough options without overwhelming them is waterproof looks. The audience in mind to ensure great usability year ago preferred by shops... 2020 for eCommerce stores about is keeping it simple as not to cause visitors headache with super! Brand has placed a CTA box between photography to successfully prompt users to keep their attention on the DevriX and!
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